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About Us

2100 is an international and intergenerational movement of exceptional, young leaders and impact-driven current executives that dedicate their career to transforming businesses, the economy and policies for well-being in 2100.

We dedicate ourselves to fostering intergenerational leadership for the enduring success of the Impact Economy.

We redefine the bottom-line in the boardroom and the economy, away from financial value towards a focus on societal value.

We are not just a movement, we are committed to unite and work together for the coming 77 years, till 2100 to realize the Impact Economy.


We make sure that work, entrepreneurship, innovation and technology are most effectively put to use for the well-being and dignity for people now and in 2100. Turning the race the bottom around into a race to the top for well-being.

What We Do

We equip intergenerational leaders with the skills and expertise to make impact-driven decisions and foster age balance in the board room.​

We build a transformative international movement of impact-driven young leaders and current executives.​

Let's work together

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2100 is an initiative of the Impact Economy Foundation

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