Manifesto for entrepreneurship for 2100

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We want a liveable and dignified society for all, also in 2100. Due to various crises, such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, scarcity of raw materials and increasing inequality, this future is at stake. We believe that companies can play a positive role in realising a liveable future. However, today’s companies do not sufficiently take into account well-being and prosperity now and in the future.

To change this, companies must not only manage and report on financial value, but also on broad prosperity: natural, social and human value creation for all stakeholders, including those who will inhabit the planet in 2100. This requires action from entrepreneurs, managers and supervisors and a mindset that reminds them that people of all ages have equal rights: a commitment to 2100. Ultimately, this can lead to an impact economy, where work, entrepreneurship, innovation and technology lead to broad prosperity for people now and in 2100.

We, the signatories of this manifesto, as entrepreneurs, administrators, supervisors, professionals and human beings, will endeavour to:

Create value for every stakeholder, operate within planetary boundaries and human rights, and make a positive contribution to sustainable development as described in the SDGs;

Providing transparency through social accounts with an overview of impact on financial, natural, social, human, intellectual and produced capital for all stakeholders now and in 2100;

Implementing incentives that promote impact on broad prosperity, such as rewards, taxes and regulations;

Engage in radical innovation;

Strengthen the 2100 community; and offer their help to Dutch entrepreneurs and administrators to become 2100-proof;

Provide annual public accountability for the implementation of this manifesto in their work.

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From our future-oriented and inclusive mindset, we want to help companies to be ready for the future. A future that is radically different from the world today and in which companies can only be successful if they are of value to society.

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