Joëlle Canisius

Educational Scientist, Trainer and Former Board Member of GroenLinkse Jongeren

A fairer and healthy world. Not only now, but also for future generations: that is what Joëlle is fighting for. This fight runs like a thread through her young career. She has been active as a national board member for DWARS, Groen Links Youth. During her term, she has set up a successful campaign for access to abortion in times of corona (#OokNuBaasInEigenBuik). Her idealism is also apparent from her academic background: she graduated in educational sciences and then completed a master’s degree in education & youth policy at Utrecht University. She worked as a coach at an Ortho pedagogical centre and as a trainer for the National Student Union. As a trainer she has also been active for the Villa Pinedo foundation and the Augeo foundation. Currently, Joelle works as a Project Leader at U-2B Heard!, a nonprofit organization whose main goal is to eradicate homelessness as soon as possible. Through her job, she ensures that the voices and experiences of youth are heard to improve policies and assistance.